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I highly would recommend anyone to this driving school over any driving school for many reasons. The school itself is located in a great neighbourhood (non-busy roads), the price is very reasonable, the staffs are great and the instructors are very helpful and understanding. I had Ruby as my instructor and he was awesome! He made me feel ¬†comfortable and confident before doing any road tests. I wouldn’t be able to pass my G1, G2 or G all in the first try without him. Thanks Ruby ! –

Hong Li

If you want to pass your road tests with no problem Ontario Education Driving School is the best school. Learning to drive can be fun, challenging and very rewarding. So, you need to choose the best driving school you can. After all, your choice of driving school is very important. My personal decision would be to go with Ontario Education Driving School because they offer a wide variety of courses and fast service to others. Everything i learnt will stick with me and i honestly couldn’t have asked for a better instructor or driving school than the Ontario Education Driving School.
Shiv Joshi

By admin • April 25, 2010 • 8:36 pm

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