Road Tests

Ontario Education Driving School

Booking a Road Test

To book, cancel or reschedule your appointment, call 1-888-570-6110 or visit

If you cannot attend your scheduled road test, you must cancel your appointment at least 48 hours in advance or you will lose your prepaid road test fee (some exceptions apply).

Prepaid examination fees are valid for a six-year period from the date of payment. DriveTest Ontario will not refund any fees not used before the six-year period.

Ensure that you meet all test requirements. Failure to meet these requirements could result in cancellation of your road test. Details are available at 

Road Test Vehicle Preparation

Road tests will be cancelled for the following reasons:

· Visible or audible vehicle defect that contravenes the Highway Traffic Act.
· Missing or poorly functioning doors, rear bumper, seat belts, seats, foot brake, dual brake (instructor vehicle), horn, mirror, speedometer, lights, turn signals, defroster, defogger, no washer fluid (if weather conditions warrant);
· Damaged windshield with cracks, stars, etc. Flat tire, defective tire or donut tire, unsecured or defective muffler, obvious fuel leaks, fumes in vehicle.
· Hazards that may pose a health risk to the examiner such as insects, flammable good or compressed gas, unsecured contents or unhygienic conditions.
· Convertible style vehicles with roof down and/or unsecured.

Licence and Other Road Test Conditions

Road test will be cancelled if applicant:

· Booked the incorrect class of test;
· Does not wear seatbelt, or prescribed lenses;
· Does not provide Beginner Driver Education certificate (if applicable);
· Arrived for road test with an incorrect vehicle for the class of test booked;
· Has inappropriate permits, altered vehicle plate, invalid sticker;
· Carries passengers or pets in the vehicle;
· Uses a panel van for G1/G2 testing.

If you have an Ignition Interlock (II) licence condition:

· II device must be installed on vehicle;
· Driver must be able to provide an acceptable breath sample (over present level); and,
· You must not use a vehicle with an II device installed if the condition is not on your licence.

Day of Your Road Test

You will be tested on your ability to follow the rules of the road and demonstrate safe driving behaviour. The examiner will provide directions during the road test (e.g. “stop”, “turn left”, “turn right”). None of the directions will involve illegal actions.

The examiner must exercise care to prevent injury to the applicant, other motorists, pedestrians, or themselves. If it becomes obvious at any time during the road test that you lack the necessary skills to operate a motor vehicle, your test will be terminated. You will be immediately disqualified and lose your prepaid road test fee. The examiner is not allowed to provide advice during the test. If you have any questions, you must ask them before you begin your road test.

Arrive 30 minutes early to complete check-in procedures. Bring your driver’s licence and glasses/contact lenses if you have an ‘X’ condition on your licence. Applicants will lose the prepaid road test fee and must reschedule the test if they fail to attend or check-in late for their appointment.